Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What happens when childern with HIV& AIDS are abandon by there family?

When those children are abandon by there family because there child has HIV& AIDS when they need there family the most some people step in to help take care of them and carry them to where they need to go some where. If your thinking why do they need help to get around is because people with HIV& AIDS it affects there ability to walk. So they need help to get around and get there medicine so there body can fight a little bit. With HIV& AIDS you body's amenity systems unable to fight of any sickness and that will kill people that have HIV& AIDS in very serous conditions.


The life expectancy for people with AIDS in Africa is about 32 years old. For most of us our parents would be dead by now. So imagine you live in Africa both of your parents had died from AIDS. When I think about that I am a lot more grateful for my family. If are an only child you would have to be taking care of yourself. If you are the oldest in the family you would be taking care of your younger siblings. And by taking care I mean doing everything from getting water to trying to find a place to live. And this has all happened from there parent dieing from AIDS. Also these kids will probably end up becoming orphans because, they have no where to go or on one to look after them. There are 13.2 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa. That needs to change. So next time you get mad at your parents realize some kids in Africa would kill for any parent.

What happens when childern's parents die of HIV or AIDS?

Some families suffer the loss of a loved one and some families there are children that are suffering because the parents have died from HIV or AID and the oldest is still very much alive then he/she must take care of the younger siblings. But if there is now oldest that those children are babies those baby are sent to an orphanage. If some of those orphan have HIV or AIDS they are sent to a different orphanage just for orphans with HIV & AIDS to prevent HIV & AIDS from spreading even more. The doctors try to treat as many orphans as they can and some of the orphans with out HIV or AIDS get adopted by other people that doesn't have HIV or AIDS.

AIDS and HIV in Africa

AIDS & HIV is a very serious problem in all of Africa but especially in Sub-Sharan Africa 1 million people under the age of 15 are suffering with AIDS there. That's way to high I mean people under the age of 15 now that is outrageous. But all of the people in Sub- Saharn there are 24.5 million people suffering AIDS, worldwide there is 34.4 million people with AIDS. So to me that is a problem. The world really needs to worker together to get those numbers a lot lower. So a way we are trying to help Africa now is teaching them about AIDS how you can get AIDS, how AIDS spreads and that you should get checked for AIDS. All in all this is a big problem that we need to fix and try and help and teach Africa about AIDS.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Statistics on HIV & AIDS

* Most orphans with AIDS & HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa there are about 13.2 million orphans in the World.

* About 1.0 million people that live in sub- Saharan Africa live up to 38 years old because of HIV & AIDS